Jack's BBQ ride to Algona

Event date: 
Sun, 05/01/2022 - 10:00am

Sunday BBQ ride!
I should be going N to the monthly D, but they're closed (for those going N Sunday for the monthly Destination picture, go for it!!), so I'm going south - to Algona for Jack's BBQ. I have not been there before but keep hearing about it - and riders DO love BBQ!
If interested, meet at the dealership at 10 am. Depart around 10:15. We'll head south and into May Valley and do the ever-so-fun Green Valley road on the way there. The ride will end at Jack's.

Probably be homeby 2 PM.

N or S, you should be riding Sunday!


Event location:
2350 136th PL NE

Open Event: This event is open to Chapter members, National H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.  All riders and passengers must sign a release. 

Event Coordinator: 
Ken A.
Head Road Captain