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Dave H. | [email protected]

Riding safely is the first and foremost commitment of our Eastside Chapter - by everyone, on every ride, every time.

Safety is a key part of all our Chapter Rides. We’re here to create and support a culture of safety for everyone on our chapter rides, and to take a ‘Ride Safe’ mindset on every ride – alone, with a friend, in a small group, on an event.

Riding safely grows with experience while riding and improving skills with every ride, mastering new situations and environments.

Our Safety Officer will provide you with the basic tools to start your journey and gain confidence in riding in a group. Check our calendar for introductory or advanced skills group riding classes throughout the riding season.

This page holds some valuable information and articles, with new content added regularly. 


Safe Rider Skills Program

U.S. H.O.G. members are eligible to receive a "Safe Rider Skills" pin and patch and partial tuition reimbursement in the form of a voucher for up to $50 for the successful completion of an accredited rider training course. To find a rider training class near you, go to, or visit if one of our Harley-Davidson Riding Academy courses is not available in your area. You may also call 1-800-CLUBHOG (1-800-2582464) or MSF at 1-800-446-9227.

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* Provided for a courtesy, not endorsed by Harley Davidson or HOG

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