Road Captains

Hi Eastside Chapter Family,

A quick introduction, I'm Ken, the Eastside HOG Head Road Captain for this year. There will be great rides and new destinations in 2022, as well as the continuation of the five destinations of summer, or Five D's, that Tad and Sheri started. I’m adding even more D’s this year, so stay tuned for what’s to come! I’ll be calling that the Triple Play. Monthly destinations are also still in effect and I’d love to see more turn out for those. Monthly destinations are both fun and build up a sense of community. January has started out fantasticly with not just a great first ride, but members getting their Ride 365 miliages in. So get into that dealership and check the boxes! January is an important month for the Chapter for getting your form in and logging your beginning mileage! 

I look forward to working with the veteran Road Captains, newly appointed Road Captains, and riders who have a desire to be Road Captains. I'vee asked the current group of ride leaders to step forward this year, and they are excited to do so! There's a plan being worked on currently to have preset rides posted for the second Saturday of the month Chapter rides. We're also posting month end post-Chapter meeting rides AND have ride leader names associated with them.

We will still be posting additional rides as they come up on the calendar, and continuing to have ad-hock ride posts on Facebook. Please note, if you want to lead some rides, just let me know. I can go over what's involved with safely leading a ride, as well as assist (sweep) with your ride. If you’re new to the Chapter and/or just looking for someone to ride with, I’ll be glad to ride with you! 

Lastly, you joined Eastside HOG because you love to ride and share great camaraderie with fellow bikers, right? My goal is to bring forward that passion we all share in riding, and hope to help inspire you to get out and hit those winding roads just a bit more on that beautiful “iron horse you ride!” 

It’s going to be a great year - Let’s ride!

Ken Anderson
Head Road Captain
[email protected]


Reference documents for Road Captains and Sweeps

Road Captains should have a copy of each of these documents on hand before a ride.

Road Captain Pre-Ride Worksheet  (PDF file) 

Road Captain Guide  (PDF file)

Adult Release

Minor Release

Injury Report

Minor Risk Acknowledgement

Leading rides and Ride planning slide decks and forms

Leading rides (PDF)  

Planning a ride deck (PDF)

Ride Planning Form 2021 (PDF)




Eastside Chapter #5389 of H.O.G. was formed to bring together Harley Davidson motorcycle owners that share a love of riding. The primary activity of the Chapter is group rides. Road Captains provide leadership for group rides and promote safe group riding in a fun atmosphere. If you are interested in becoming a Road Captain, Contact the Head Road Captain

Road Captain Responsibilities (National) The Harley Owners Group national organization has specified responsibilities to be performed by the Road Captains. These are as follows:

  • Assist the sponsoring dealer and chapter director in upholding the Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters
  • Assists in planning routes for chapter rides
  • Assists in keeping the chapter informed of all H.O.G. programs
  • Educates chapter members about group riding techniques
  • Informs chapter members of any hand signals used by the chapter on group rides
  • Assists in obtaining signed release forms for chapter rides
  • Acts as a guide for organized chapter rides

Tom W.


Tony B.

Assistant Director

Ken A.

Head Road Captain