HOG Call - March 2023

HOG Call - March 2023

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Meetings are held at Eastside Harley-Davidson on the last Saturday of the Month.
Social starts at 9:30am, meeting at 10:00am.


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2022 Members of the Year:

In trying to determine the award for Member of the Year 2022, it was very difficult to separate out two candidates, so we have decided to make a dual award to Brian Aleshire and Stephanie Aleshire. Congratulations to you both!

This award is based on contributions to the chapter by anyone who is not a member of the board. This year Stephanie has also graciously offered to be our new Volunteer Coordinator. Thank you, Stephanie, and welcome to the board!


At their last meeting, our sister HOG chapter (GNWHOG) officially took up the Ride 365 challenge by announcing their goal of 350,000 miles for 2023, which matches our Ride 365 goal. I very much support this friendly rivalry as I'm sure it will encourage us all to get out and ride.

So far, we have 42-chapter members participating in Ride 365 by having their starting mileage recorded. I know there's more of you out there who enjoy riding, so please get your mileage recorded at your earliest opportunity.

The HOG Mileage Program form is available for download from our website and there are paper forms at the dealership.


Challenge Coins:

There are many challenge coins already held by chapter members, so I thought it best to explain the rules associated with military challenge coins. The first of the challenge coin game rules requires that this be done. You can google challenge coin rules and you will come up with something like this:




As of the February meeting, two changes have been made to the chapter meeting raffles: 

#1 Gift card raffle tickets are currently given for attendance and for riding. There also used to be one awarded for wearing "colors", i.e., a HOG patch. This has been reinstated.

#2 A second chance draw has been added to the 50/50 raffle for a $10 gift card

Patch Lady Diane

It was great to have Patch Lady Diane at Eastside for our February meeting ... she was very busy! Unfortunately Diane will not be able to come to Eastside for our March meeting, but she will be at Emerald City on Saturday, Mar 4, and then at the motorcycle swap meet in Monroe on Sunday, Mar 26.  


Tony "Bypass" Burton




Third Sunday Suppers . . . 

Suggestions Appreciated . . . I would appreciate any suggestions from our  members to suggest their favorite restaurants (in all different areas). Also any activity suggestions would be very much appreciated. 

This last Sunday Social at McMenamins school house in Bothell as a ton of fun! Yes, we had  lots of fun playing pool and enjoying some good food. We missed seeing some of you, and hope to seeing you next month.

Tammy B.  




Be safe, be happy! 

The Chapter-Exclusive "Rider Skills Class" for Saturday March 11th is a "GO"!
Details will be added to the event on our calendar. 


I am locking down the final details with WMST. As of the end of the chapter meeting, there are only 2 more seats available to make it a full class of 16 riders! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INTEREST!


I am looking forward to it, and thank you Eastside HOG Chapter for your support!


Arndt H.



Hello Hog fans! Now that February is behind us, it was not very cooperative for riding – but you got out and 30 riders hit the monthly D! That is AWESOME!! It helped that Kerry had a group ride on that beautiful Saturday to the Snoqualmie Train Depot and we did see some sunny days. It shows me that we want to RIDE!

I’m planning on organizing a new Chapter member coffee ride sometime in April, so riders new to this chapter - the coffee is on ESHOG! More info to come on that. I’m also planning on doing a GROUP RIDING DISCUSSION at one of our upcoming chapter meetings with a bit of a spin. It could be at the March end Chapter meeting, but I’m not committing to that at the time of this writing. There will be a bit for all of us in that discussion.

Kevin Kent has an awesome ride planned for hitting three of the five Bridges of Summer (!) as mentioned in his HOG FB post for August 12 – 14. This is also now on the HOG calendar so check that out for details and sign up if interested in great riding, roads, and comradery! It will be an AWESOME long weekend for sure!! You will need to email Kevin to RSVP. There will be other rides in the works too - so get your bike/s ready for riding!!

Ride 365: You’ve probably already read our posts on Ride 365, and on behalf of the Eastside Chapter, we really want to keep the momentum going from last year. So please TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR CURRENT MILEAGE AND VIN (if your vin is not on your form) and bring it into the dealership when you can! That picture counts as the start when you fill out the normal form!


Regarding the March D: 

And lastly, your March Destination: Just as the City of Snoqualmie celebrated a 120 year anniversary, the March D will do the same with the Grimm House in Lake Stevens – built in 1903 with an interesting history. Check it out (and the fine details on locating it)! Get a pic of yourself, your bike, and the Train Depot in the background for a chance at a $25 gift card at our upcoming chapter meeting! Send it to [email protected] or post it on our ES Roadhog Facebook group! You have until February 24th to complete this destination.

Ken A.

“Slacker Ken” HRC




 Membership Forms:

Everyone needs to complete a 2023 Membership Form.

Our chapter must obtain a current Chapter Membership Enrollment form from you to maintain your active status in our Chapter. Your national membership must be current prior to sending in your form. If you are not sure when your membership expires, or can’t remember your National Member ID, you can log into the National HOG site to obtain it.   

SIGN the Membership Form (can't be electronic signature, must be hand signed original)  Please complete the form, bring it with you or mail your form to the dealership at: Eastside HOG, C/O Eastside Harley Davidson, 2350 136th PL NE Bellevue, WA 98005 OR drop the form at the Dealership in our drop box at the reception desk. If you have questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Spotlight on Members

I’d love to get a picture of you and your bike and maybe a sentence or two of what you’ve enjoyed about the chapter so far, or maybe your favorite ride or fun fact about yourself? If you are an “oldbe”, we would like to get a pic of you too along with a blurb about yourself you would like to share with the chapter.

Thank You All,

Lanelle B.




As always, I am happy to answer any questions you have about my new summer home in France, or my multi million dollar resort in the caribbean. Nothing to see here folks!

Kenny V. for Steve B. :-)





The Art of Imperfection

When the Imperfect Holds More Value Than the Perfect

Kintsugi Pottery is a Japanese art form that has been in practice for better than 500 years. It may be the only art form where broken, imperfect, even shattered works of art can hold more value than the once perfect piece of pottery. Giving ordinary, broken pottery a second life certainly has a parallel that is infinitely relatable to the human condition. And the beauty of it can be just stunning.

Kintsugi is roughly translated as “golden joinery”. The process is tedious - even arduous, and some of the materials required are unique and rare, not to mention highly toxic. The broken pieces of pottery are joined together and bound with a natural lacquer made from the Urushi tree. This lacquer is not only rare (only a single cup of lacquer can be made from a 20-year-old tree), but it is highly toxic to touch in its natural form. The process of filtering and homogenizing urushi sap can take five years to complete.

Once the pieces of the broken pottery are bound together and each layer has dried, the final coat of urushi lacquer is applied. What remains visible are the cracks that have been bound. This is where it gets really interesting. Pure gold powder is applied to the final layer of lacquer before it dries, leaving a beautiful piece of art that has more value than the ordinary piece of pottery had in its former “perfect” state. Google “Kintsugi Pottery” and you’ll see what I mean.

How does this relate to the human condition? How often, upon the birth of a baby, do we hear “he’s perfect”, or say “what a beautiful baby girl”? We look upon this brand-new baby in awe and wonder. We are stunned at the literal perfection we are beholding. Love abounds, and we can’t think of a better representation of innocence and beauty. We are completely captivated. But as life goes on and that baby grows into a young child, cracks begin to appear. The teenage years can wield damage and disappointment as she figures out who she is. He stumbles and falls, and he breaks. By the time this once innocent, perfect, beautiful baby becomes an adult, there is disappointment and injury and brokenness. Sometimes, the sense of self worth is all but lost - and others may judge them as having little or no value.

But that’s a lie.

The truth is, there is far more value than the world ever sees. So much worth. And there is a potter who wants to take this broken, shattered life and restore her to someone who is far more beautiful than the day she was born. There is a potter who desires to mend his broken life, using the most precious and valuable elements available. Will they ever be perfect and innocent again? Not in this life. Not in this world. But their imperfections can be made beautiful. The cracks can be bonded with pure gold. And they can have far more worth than the world ever sees.

“But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8 (ESV)

Details on Kintsugi Pottery take from https://www.japan.travel/en/blog/the-art-of-imperfection-kintsugi-pottery-and-wabi-sabi/

Kerry “Kry Baby” Skaugset


Hi there, we need some volunteers for only two Saturdays left. 

March 4th, you will be serving Pancakes, Bacon and eggs. Two volunteers needed and please be there by 9 AM to set up.

March 25th you will be serving Buffalo Wings and fries, please be there at 11 to set up. FYI: the calendar RSVP is not working properly.

Also needed one more volunteer for April 1st Bike night. No food, just helping the dealership in reservations. Must be there at 6 PM until 9 PM.

The rest of April I will get on here much later.




Know of an upcoming MC ride/event that you want to share? Send the skinny to your editor and we will include it for other chapter members to consider.



June 1st – 4th, Reno NV

If you have any other questions you may direct them to Al Babb.  He is the director of the Reno chapter and is handling registration along with calls and emails. You may also write to:

North Meets South 2023 c/o Al Babb

3983 S. McCarran Blvd #516, Reno, Nevada 89502

Call or Text me @ 775-846-2811 or [email protected].



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Spring Season Opener + March Badness

Saturday, March 25, 2023 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM






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