HOG Call - November 2023

HOG Call - November 2023

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Meetings are held at Eastside Harley-Davidson on the last Saturday of the Month.
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Social starts at 9:30am, meeting at 10:00am. 

The ESHOG Calendar of Events




October has been a mixed bag for riding, so hope you've all been able to get your bikes out this month.

In the last month it seems like a lot of you have been able to record your HOG miles for the summer. It's made a huge change to our total so for for the year, jumping by more than 100,000 miles in the last month. We still have a little to go to make our annual target, so please keep those forms coming in:

We will have board elections coming up in the November meeting, with the following positions coming up for election:

  • Head Road Captain
  • Safety Officer

I already have a nomination for the safety officer position, but we will be needing a road captain to step up. Ken has done a fantastic job thes past couple of years and I'm sure that one of you will excel at this role too. Please get your nominations to me or any other board member before the November meeting.

Tony “Kiwi” Burton



There's a bit of a pirate in every turkey!

Steve Cox, Asst Director



What a fun year of riding! 

It’s that time of year when I am starting to tally up the different rides we did that counted for year-end raffles and giveaways:


1. Teapot $50 raffle - If you’re not on Facebook and you don’t think I have your pic, please send it to me. 

2. 5 Bridges / 9 D’s of summer $$ raffle (names): Roberto L., Don G., Doug W., Dave H., Lanelle B., Jason G., Ken A., Kevin K., Fred G., Debi P., Stephan W., Jaysun R., Tad T., Jay M..

3. Doing 10 of the 12 monthly D's $50 raffle - keep it up as you have two to go!


Summer of ES HOG video: If you are not on FB or have not checked out YOUR HOG Chapter club summer video highlights – check it out here!




Your November D is Remlinger Farms! A nice location easy to get to in the Snoqualmie Valley and has various events and amenities, including a brewery, pie, ice cream....! 


Get a pic of yourself, your bike, and The Remlinger Farms red building in the background for two chances at a $40 gift card at our upcoming chapter meeting! Send it to [email protected] or post it on our ES Roadhog Facebook page! You have from now through November 27th to complete this destination. 

In 1965, Gary and Bonnie Remlinger opened their own roadside produce stand, and their clever idea of selling corn in gunny sacks for $1.00 per sack attracted customers from all over the Greater Seattle area. Today, Remlinger Farms has grown into a 350-acre tourist center that annually hosts over 200,000 visitors from all over the world.

Remlinger Farms is more than just a produce stand. They also offer a full-service restaurant, bakery, ice cream parlor, Brewery, etc. Plus, their pies and other products are sold commercially in over 200 Northwest grocery stores!

Here’s a link to their calendar to know what is open and when: https://remlingerfarms.com/calendar/

Ken "Slacker Ken" Anderson

Let's ride!



Volunteer Opportunities


If you would like to help, please let William know at [email protected] 




On December 9th, we will be having the ESHOG Christmas party at the Lucky 7 in Kirkland. So put on your dancing shoes or Harley boots, or whatever makes you bust a move with one of our favorite bands, (I’m keeping this under wraps)!  

Mark your calendar and watch for the location and info to be posted on FB. 

Appericate good vibes sent my way!

Tammy B.  



No matter what "Slacker Ken" say's.... Don't ride your motorcycle over the mountains when it's snowing :-)

Ride Safe & Have Fun!

Arndt (Tank)




New Member Dennis Dawson from September:


“I've been in Duvall about 2yrs, Upgraded from Kansas City area. Been riding about 6yrs, after 30yr pause. Never did any group ride just a solo Daytripper. Looking to meet some new folks & see different areas.  I'm just an easy-going cruiser. Currently riding a 2013 FatBob luv it. Kinda sums up my status. Looking forward to meeting you folks.”


Please also help me welcome the following to our Chapter in October!


Joseph G., Jr., Amber S., and Eli K. (pictured below) “I have been riding since 2014. My first bike was a 2015 XG-750, followed by a Dyna Low Rider, and now the Low Rider ST. 




And let's not forget Erik M. .....



The Power of Rewards

One of the most valuable benefits of the H-D Membership program is the ability to earn points that can be redeemed for purchases on H-D.com and at participating Harley-Davidson dealerships. 

We as H.O.G. members can earn points and rewards in a variety of ways, including joining the online community on the H-D App, participating in riding challenges, attending H-D and H.O.G. events, visiting H-D dealerships, and more. As the top tier in the membership program, H.O.G. members also earn 4 points for every dollar they spend on qualifying purchases, including H-D apparel and riding gear, parts and accessories, and maintenance and service at H-D dealerships. 

Holders of an H-D Visa credit card can earn even more points. Every 500 points accumulated earns a $5 reward. From time to time, H.O.G. members may also be offered additional bonus rewards incentives, such as holiday promotions, so we encourage all of you to download the H-D App and complete an online profile so you can start earning points! Learn more about H-D rewards here.

Have a blessed month,
Ride Safe and Have Fun!


In case you were wondering….


Current H.O.G. members will be automatically grandfathered into the Harley Owners Group tier of the H-D Membership program, at no additional cost, and can renew upon expiry at $59. Former HOG Associate members will be able to continue as HOG Passengers in the new H-D Membership Program. It will still cost $59, but HOG Passengers will receive a 3,000-point reward (worth $30) as a credit. Please note HOG Passengers are not eligible for Multipoint inspections or Roadside assistance benefits.

What really sets ESHOG apart is the unparalleled support it receives from its dealership. In fact, many members consider the dealership to be their second home. You won't find a more supportive dealership anywhere in the state, and that's just one reason why ESHOG is one of the best HOG chapters to join.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, ESHOG has something to offer you. Get involved a bit more at ESHOG and become a supportive part of the most supportive HOG chapter in the state!





As always, happy to answer any questions.  

Steve B.



Every day you get one more yard You take it on faith, you take it to the heart The waiting is the hardest part Yeah, the waiting is the hardest part. Tom Petty

I think the late great Tom Petty was right on when he reflected on how difficult it is to wait for something you really desire. Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you they were taking the family to Disneyland, or perhaps a camping trip? How about the anticipation of your birthday party, or Christmas morning – all the while the clock seemed to tick slower and slower as the days rolled by. It still happens as an adult. How about that time you ordered a new Harley from the factory and were told there was a six-month wait? (I’m not sure what that would be like, to be perfectly honest 😊.)  This kind of waiting can be very difficult. The waiting is the hardest part. Always.

But what about when you’re waiting for something more serious? Something like a diagnosis from the doctor, or news on a job opportunity. 2023 has been like that for me – and for others in our HOG chapter.

When things just aren’t working out the way you expected and life keeps handing you what seems like defeat after defeat, it’s human nature to try to make something happen. To try to turn things around. Change your circumstances. And most times – that is exactly the right thing! If there is something that I can do to change the outcome of a thing so that it’s in my favor, I should do it. But what do you do when your own efforts don’t produce the outcome you had counted on?

In my own current circumstances, I have known for some time that my contract at Boeing would be terminated before the end of the year. I immediately went into action, searching for a full-time position at Boeing. I have one in my sight. The Customer Success Manager position in the Flight Deck Operations organization – a role that I was encouraged to pursue. This job is right up my alley! I’ve talked to others in that role – and I even had an informal discussion with the hiring manager.

Everything was lined up. We only had to wait for the job requisition to drop. I’d follow up with the manager every couple of weeks, and he would tell me the position had not yet been opened. In my last conversation with him, he told me that there was an initiative – perhaps a reorganization that would have to be completed before the job became available. And he had no idea when that might happen. Deflated, disappointed, and not just a little anxious, I have had to turn my search elsewhere. What do I do now? Certainly, I must keep looking. And I am. If you’ve ever been there, looking for a job is a full-time job! But at the same time, I am waiting. Internally, I must be still. And I must know that God has this all figured out.

As the Psalmist wrote: “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” – Psalm 46:10

We all go through times like this. We can get all worked up with worry about it (my default, btw). 

Or we can recognize that, as Jesus taught, by worrying we cannot add a single hour to our lives: “Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap; they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest? Luke 12:22-26

So, when you are faced with this kind of challenge, be still and know that He is God. He has a plan for you. And worrying won’t help in any way. Not for a single hour.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy

Kerry S. “Chaplain”  






According to H.O.G. the duties and responsibilities of the required chapter officers shall be as follows:

Director: shall uphold this Charter, conduct chapter meetings, and coordinate chapter officer responsibilities.

Assistant Director: shall be responsible for promoting membership, membership orientation, membership retention, and keeping the chapter members informed of H.O.G.® programs.

Treasurer: shall be responsible for collecting and disbursing chapter funds, reporting financial transactions to sponsoring Dealer/H.O.G.® Manager on a monthly basis, compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.

Secretary: shall be responsible for administering and maintaining meeting minutes, annual reports, membership reports on hog.com, insurance and legal documentation, event releases, and enrollment releases. These permanent records shall be kept at the sponsoring Dealership.


Discretionary Officers: 

These officer positions are optional and at the discretion of the sponsoring Dealership. The duties and responsibilities of the discretionary chapter officers may include the following.

Activities Officer: assisting in planning and administering chapter events.

Ladies of Harley Officer: encouraging women members to take an active part in chapter activities.

Road Captain: assisting in the planning of routes for chapter rides.

Editor: assembling and organizing all forms of chapter communications. Ensures all forms of chapter communications are approved by the sponsoring Dealer/H.O.G.® Manager before publication or distribution.

Safety Officer: providing chapter members with information relating to the availability of rider training.

Photographerobtaining and organizing chapter images for use in chapter communications and chapter history.

Historian: preparing and maintaining an account of the history of the chapter.

Membership Officer: assisting the chapter secretary in the chapter membership duties.

Webmaster: assembling and organizing material for the chapter web site, social media sites.



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Always a good time to purchase something at Eastside H-D. Remember, all purchases by registered Eastside HOG members contribute a % of the purchase to our very own chapter!


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